trainingLearn with us about how to start a company: from scratch to success.

company02For institutions, we organize learning programs for entrepreneurs and potential business creators.

Our courses can be given in-person, online or blended.

  • Informative talks about entrepreneurship: why to create a company, how to do it, and case studies
  • Courses and workshops:
    • the idea
    • creating your own job
    • from a technological idea to a project
    • how to create a business plan
  • Tools to improve your business:
    • Marketing 2.0 tools for SMEs and entrepreneurs
    • Productivity 2.0 tools for SMEs and entrepreneurs
    • Social media for startups
    • Financials for entrepreneurs
    • Pitching your project
  • Lean Startup:
    • Using Canvas to define your project
    • User interviews
    • Creating the MVP: landing pages
    • Bootstrapping and basic financials for startups
    • Metrics, pivot, growing engines
    • Lean UX
    • Lean Startups for companies
  • One-day events:
    • Creating your company with Lean Startup
    • Lean startup for organizations
    • Improving your company in one day
    • Improving in one day the way you manage your company using 2.0 tools


startupFor startups, follow us on Twitter to know when we organize these courses. Or contact us if you want in-company training or services.