Wilhelm Lappe


Entrepreneur and consultant in startups, digital transformation, and new technologies. Founder of emprelab, providing entrepreneurship consultancy and training services, and theBizTour, helping companies to expand throughout Europe. He’s based in Berlin and Madrid.

He works as a professor, tutor, and course director with business schools and universities such as EOI, UNIR. He’s approved consultant of ICEX Next program. 

Currently involved with startups, agile methodologies, digital transformation, European innovation, and business by pushing the startup scene and fostering connections in Europe.

Playing, during the last 10 years, an active role in Europe’s digital and entrepreneurship industries, he is a speaker and organizer for industry events and programs like Hardware.co (Berlin)Tetuan Valley y Startup Weekend.

From 2016 he’s involved, as academic director, in a European project: European Coworkings EOI; in 5 editions, more than 240 entrepreneurs took part, having more than 40 partners in 19 different countries.



750+ startups/entrepreneurs mentored
350+ achievements, including:

  • 75+ accelerators, programs, and events mentored and tutored
  • 75+ courses taught
  • 75+ conferences given
  • 20+ roundtables moderated and participated in
  • 60+ courses, accelerators and weekend events mentored and tutored
  • 50+ events organized as a regular organizer
  • 25+ special events organized and co-organized
  • 10+ interviews given
  • 10+ articles written and books contributed to
  • 50+ cities worked in

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