leanLean Startup * is one of the best ways to start a new business, especially in conditions of extreme uncertainty, the usual situation for new business and startups. Also applies to companies creating new and innovative products.

Really we work with the mix of Lean Startup and customer development, adding features for financials and communication.

We work from the beginning of the project, or to develop a product:

  • Define idea and business model: business model canvas, value proposition canvas, Lean canvas.
  • Customer discovery: interview about problem and solution.
  • MVP: creation of MVP, landing pages, simple CMS…
  • Metrics: set the main metrics and track them.
  • Pivot (or not): improve your business.
  • Financials: simulate your business in a spreadsheet. (One of the weaknesses of Lean Startup).
  • Marketing plan: digital (and traditional) marketing for early adopters and first customers.
  • Pitch: communicate your project and raise investment (if needed).

We support  you in developing your project using Lean.

We  also organize training coursesworkshops and/or events to show how Lean Startup works.

*Lean Startup © Eric Ries.