businessplan-150x150-upWriting a business plan for the first time is not an easy task. You know all about your business but explaining it to others is quite complicated. We work with you to understand your project and create the clearest and most attractive business plan.

There are different kinds of business plans depending on who is going to read it. The most common are focused on accelerators, investors, institutions and government programs and stakeholders. And there are different lengths of business plans depending on the purpose: one pagers, summary reports, brief business plans, complete business plans.

What we do: depending on your free time and budget we have two programs that include meetings, Q&A, and business plan creation::

  • we review – you work: 1h-2h long meetings to learn more about your project, and focus you on the main points, then you work for around 4h on improving it. We repeat this cycle as many times as necessary. Usually it takes 10-15 hours of our time.

  • we work – you review: we take 4h to write the business plan for you and then you’ll review it in a 1h meeting confirming that we are on the same page. We repeat this cycle as many times as necessary. It will take around 50 hours of our time.

We charge 60€/hour after the first hour free consultation.

Be ready to present your project anywhere, raise money, or access the official programs that will help your business succeed.